Fees Payable

Each service will incur a tenancy set up fee of £180 + VAT

Choose your service level - Which one will work for you?


Aspire Lettings and Property Management offers landlords a straightforward 1-2-3 approach to letting property, whether you are looking for assistance in simply finding and vetting tenants (option 1), additional help with collecting the rent (option 2) or are considering the full management service (option 3). Whichever service level you choose, Aspire provides reassurance of a comprehensive letting and property management service that takes care of everything you require for complete peace of mind. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Option 1 - Let Only service: 8% (9.6% inc. VAT)

For finding and securing the right tenant for your property, the fee is just 9.6% Incl VAT of the annual rental value taken in advance of the start of the contract.

The first level of service is all about finding the right tenants and is suitable for landlords who wish to deal with the remaining aspects of the tenancy after the tenant has moved in.

Option 1 includes:

  • Property appraisal and valuation
  • Marketing and advertising the property
  • Floorplan
  • Accompanied viewings and delivery of feedback
  • Arranging for landlords to meet the tenant before references are carried out
  • Right to Rent checks
  • Full references applied for (cost associated with this is paid for by you)
  • Drawing up of documents including Assured Shorthold Tenancy (deposit paid to landlord)
  • Addition of non-standard clauses: pet clause, military clause, satellite clause or break clause.
  • Ensuring contract stipulates where the deposit is held and then transferred to the landlord (deposit capped to 5 weeks)
  • Ensuring payment of rent and deposit received
  • Arranging safety checks and certification, where an additional charge is due
  • Creation of inventory where there is an additional charge
  • Remitting the balance of initial funds to the landlord less a let-only fee of 7% +VAT with a statement taken for 12 months in advance.
  • Creating a standing order for the rent to be paid to the landlord each month from the tenants' account.
  • Giving the tenants contact information of utility suppliers so they can register the tenancy.

Option 2 - Rent Collection service: 10% (12% inc. VAT)

For finding and securing the right tenant for your property, plus collecting the rent, a fee of 12% Incl VAT is automatically deducted monthly.

Charges apply for references and rental warranty

Level two includes all of the above but also offers support to landlords who would rather that Aspire collects the rent but leaves the management of both tenants and property to the landlord. Aspire’s fee for Option 2 will be taken monthly from the rent received and a statement with balance of funds sent to the landlord. Aspire will chase any late rent payments and, if necessary, forward a claim to our insurers for any non-payment of rent. Should this situation arise, Aspire maintains regular updates with landlords.

Option 3 - Full Management service: 12% (14.4% inc. VAT)

For the full management service, a fee of 14.4% Incl VAT is automatically deducted each month.

This is Aspire’s full management service, which ‘does what it says on the tin’. It is designed to remove landlords from the daily issues and problems of managing a property and will include:

  • Level 1 and 2, plus...
  • A comprehensive inventory, with a check-in service
  • Contacting utility companies to register tenants
  • Transferring the tenant’s deposit to the DPS
  • Dealing with day-to-day repairs and maintenance within specified budgets. (Aspire is not liable for the maintenance cost. This is covered by the landlord but the landlord is always informed)
  • Receiving rent and remitting monies to the landlord electronically, less monthly management fee and any maintenance charges incurred
  • Providing monthly statements including contractor invoices
  • Monitoring, chasing and advising on late rental payments
  • Assisting in insurance claims for rent disputes
  • Inspecting the property every three months. If the tenant has been in occupation for more than one year, inspection time is reduced to every six months. A written report is provided
  • Co-ordinating gas-safety record
  • Co-ordinating PAT testing and PIR as and when required
  • Liaising directly with tenants to re-let the property
  • Remaining a point of contact prior to any legal action against a tenant
  • Supervising check-out and arranging for an independent check-out report with details of any deposit deductions. Please note that in the event of a dispute over deposit deductions that cannot be agreed without going to arbitration or the use of the Courts, charges will be incurred.

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