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Is the dining room dead?

August 16, 2021

What is your gut reaction when you view a property’s floorplan and see there is a space marked dining room? Are you one of those genial hosts who runs off to devise an eight-course tasting menu in anticipation of your first dinner party? Or do you instinctively think ‘waste of space’ as you’re more than happy with a TV dinner eaten off a tray?

Open plan living has pretty much killed off the dining room, with round tables, benches and breakfast bars initiating a much more informal approach to eating and drinking. The separate dining room has, however, been brought back from the brink of extinction in the last 17 months.

Now is a great time to re-evaluate your approach to this most formal of spaces, especially if you have resisted the urge to knock through and create one big open space, or are looking to buy a property with a separate dining room. Here are 5 ways to work a dining room into your property plans:-

  1.     No candelabra needed

If dining rooms conjure up images of mahogany tables, lead crystal glasses and a thin layer of dust, it’s time to find a fresh perspective. Opt for the most modern dining table and chairs you can find, be generous with lighting to keep the ambience upbeat and add vibrancy with brightly-coloured placemats, crockery and napkins (paper versions are perfect). 

  1.     Dual purpose room

If your main concern is that a dining room will be an underused space, give it two identities. Install floor-to-ceiling fitted shelves so the space provides storage or cover the table with wipe-clean cloth so it doubles as a crafting room.

  1.     Convert with a couch

If your dining room is generously proportioned, you could add a sofa so guests can relax with a drink before being called to the table. Even more space? Make that sofa a sofa bed and your dining room can double as an emergency guest room.

  1.     The new home office

Not every home will have a dedicated study or home office, so it’s no surprise that dining tables across the UK have been commandeered by home workers and studying students. After all – you can close the door of a dining room and join a Zoom meeting that isn’t disturbed by the bustle of an open plan kitchen. 

  1.     An excuse to entertain

Although formal meals account for a fraction of our time, retaining a dining room can be the gateway to some fantastic occasions with family and friends. Be liberal with your invitations, drop all airs and graces and don’t save your dining room ‘for best’. Sometimes the most memorable gatherings are over a take-away shared at the table – it’s the company that counts!

If you’re persuaded to find a new home with a dedicated dining room, let us match you with something where you can sit down to a feast. Got a property to sell? We can provide a free valuation and a snapshot of your local sales market, so get in touch.

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