Make Being Contract Ready Your 2021 Resolution

Make Being Contract Ready Your 2021 Resolution

Posted on Friday, January 15, 2021

he start of a New Year is when people reflect on their life and vow to make changes. For many, a resolution is a reminder of things they don’t like about themselves, and for most people, the changes are long forgotten before February rolls around.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A resolution doesn’t have to see you change your ways or make your life more miserable. You can make changes that will improve your life, and help you feel prepared for anything which will come your way.

We can’t promise we will make sure you are prepared for everything which might come your way, no one will promise that after 2020, but if you are looking to make a move in the housing market this year, we can help.

We will ensure you are Contract Ready to sell your home

At Aspire Sales & Lettings, we offer a Contract Ready service. If you are thinking about selling your home this year, you can take steps to enhance your chances of success in the market. By being better prepared, you will feel more confident about a move, and you will be in a stronger position to manage any issues which might arise.

Some of the key benefits which arise from being Contract Ready include:

  • When you are Contract Ready, you are ready to sell, which helps you connect with keen buyers.
  • Being Contract Ready removes many steps, which speeds up the sales process, another appealing feature that benefits the vendor and buyer.
  • In a competitive marketplace, it helps to show you are serious about the sales process, and the Contract Ready process is an indication of your commitment to selling your home.
  • In a competitive marketplace, you sometimes need an advantage over other vendors, and when you are Contract Ready, buyers see your home is ready for the sales process.
  • Savvy buyers are looking for vendors who are committed, and homes ready to sell, so your home is likely to be viewed by buyers with greater intent.

All these benefits are of interest, but perhaps the most critical aspect for you is that with Aspire Sales, Lettings & Property Management, there is no additional cost to you to be Contract Ready. This work can be arranged as part of the service, enhancing your sales efforts without increasing the cost.

We are committed to providing the best standard of sales service

We appreciate the cost of selling your home is a concern for many property owners. At Aspire Sales & Lettings, our commitment to value for money is as prevalent as our intention in offering a high quality of service.

The chart below details the Contract Ready process, and we hope you will see the benefits of this approach, over the traditional sales approach.


We find it is always better to be proactive than reactive. By being Contract Ready in advance of a sale, you have the chance to address any missing documents in your files. A quick sale is reliant on your paperwork being in good order, so it makes sense to ensure you have everything you need before it is required.

Knowing that everything is in place for your peace of mind and determining whether you require an indemnity is a great comfort.

In our experience, we can recount many times when a vendor has experienced issues because their previous solicitor didn’t request the full or correct documentation of the prior seller. In the current climate, red tape has the potential to delay or disrupt any property move, and on many occasions, you could resolve the problem with a minimum of advance work.

We want you to be one step ahead in the property market, and when you are Contract Ready, you are ready to sell your home.

When you are looking for specialist support in selling or letting, choose a local agent who listens to their clients carefully and who takes pride in providing the utmost in customer care. We appreciate these are challenging times, but if you have any property market questions, please feel free to contact Aspire Sales, Lettings & Property Management, and we will do our best to assist you.