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6 ways to fragrance your home ahead of viewings

July 19, 2021

Step inside any property and our senses tend to take over. While so much emphasis is placed on what a home looks like, those hosting viewings shouldn’t forget what it smells like either. In fact, it was only in May 2021 that a survey found as many as 95% of home buyers could be deterred from purchasing a property due to an unpleasant pong.

Smells that make buyers baulk

Strong cooking odours, musky dampness, stale cigarette smoke, pet smells, sweaty gym kits, recently used toilets and rotting rubbish are all cited as aromas that can detract from a property and may also shorten the duration of time a potential buyer spends on a viewing.

Of course, the holy grail of home fragrancing before a viewing has been baking bread and freshly brewed coffee – two things guaranteed to stimulate the olfactory receptors – but there are other ways to perfume the air so every sense is stimulated in a good way. 

  1.     Candles: as well as releasing a gentle scent, the flicker of a flame can also create an inviting ambience. Opt for non-toxic candles made with natural soy wax and pure essential oils, and keep the wick short to prolong the life of the candle. Don’t forget, never leave a lit candle unattended (even if you’re briefly showing people around your house), and keep naked flames away from draughts and draped fabrics.
  1.     Diffusers: there are two main types of diffuser to choose from. Mist air diffusers usually require an electric supply, as droplets of essential oils are dispersed using ultrasonic waves created by a vibrating plate. Reed diffusers can be placed anywhere, consisting of a small bottle filled with a liquid fragrance, with rattan or bamboo reeds inserted into the solution to soak up and release the scent. The reeds do require turning frequently to maximise the aroma distribution.
  1.     Burners: a burner usually comprises a bowl suspended above a lit tea light. Traditionally, the dish would contain water with a few drops of essential oils added but gaining in popularity are fragranced wax melts. Both work on the principle that the heat from the tea light below warms the water or melts the wax, helping the scent permeate a room.
  1.     Flowers: for scents that are 100% natural, nothing beats a vase of real flowers, with the bonus of the blooms being visually attractive too. Lilies, freesias, gardenias, hyacinths, roses and stocks are some of the strongest smelling flowers you can display but ask a florist about their compatibility with pets, as some are toxic if ingested.
  1.     Air fresheners: conventional air fresheners used to get a bad press for smelling too synthetic but manufacturers have made massive strides in their bid to come across as more discerning, with far more natural ingredients used. Choose from plug-in options, aerosol cans and trigger sprays (that can also be used on fabrics to mask stale smells), upmarket room and linen spritzers, and gel air fresheners but use with restraint – stick to one scent or the result could be too heady, bordering on overpowering.
  1.     Fresh air: never underestimate the power of the great outdoors – fresh air is free and always there! If you’re cooking, smoking or exercising in your home before a viewing, always keep your doors and windows open. Likewise, keep rooms where pets and teenagers congregate well ventilated.

If you would like more advice on how to conduct the perfect property viewing, get in touch with our team today.

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