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5 Reasons To Use Aspire To Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your property, we appreciate that there is a plethora of estate agents for you to choose from. The important aspect here is that you have a choice in which agent YOU would like to use. Here at Aspire Sales, Lettings and Property Management we respect any decision our client makes but in this week’s blog, we wanted to highlight five key reasons why you should consider using us to sell your property and get the best possible price.

Using Technology

We are living in a modern world with the latest technology at our finger tips. We are no different here at Aspire in that our approach is to use this technology to help maximise every opportunity to sell your property.

Our 360-degree virtual tours have revolutionised the way in which your property is marketed. With 90% of property searches starting online, your property will be placed on our website and proudly showing a virtual tour as well, at no extra cost to you! Your potential purchaser can view your property from the comfort of their own living which means when they are booking a viewing, they are already one step further down the buying line.

Customer Service

When it comes to selling your property, all estate agents are likely to be using the same property portals to market your home online. However, in our opinion, it all comes down to the level of customer service that is provided by the estate agent. We firmly believe that our approach to dealing with potential buyers is to listen and gain a better understanding of their property needs when it comes to finding the perfect property. The more we know, the better-quality buyer we are working with for you. In the modern era, agents can be very responsive to enquiries but a successful agent will keep in touch with their applicants and offer them suitable properties straight away and sometimes before they even go online.

Local Knowledge

Knowledge is power, as they say and with Aspire, we have the local knowledge to offer your potential buyers. If they are moving to the area for the first time, your chosen agent needs to have the local knowledge to help people learn more about the area, the amenities and services on offer.

This is another reason why we created the ‘community hub’ page on our website. So if you buyers are looking for information about schooling and childcare, we can help! If they need to know more about the range of facilities in the area, we can help!

Social Media

Social media for an estate agent is not always about property. Of course, all instructions are promoted on social media within 48 hours of being listed but our social media is there is to help people get a better understanding of the local area, local events and interesting articles about the property market. Social media is everywhere. More and more people are logging on everyday and using these platforms as a part of their daily routine. That is why we utilise all the popular social media platforms to help promote our properties for sale. We even create paid adverts to reach those in the local area who are not directly connected to our pages, at no extra cost to you. Our goal is to sell your property for the best possible price and social media is a part of our marketing strategy to get you moving.


Choosing an estate agent to sell your property should not always come down to the one who charges the lowest fee. Whilst some of the services we offer are similar, if not the same, we are able to offer an extremely competitive fee of just 1% (1.2% incl VAT) to sell your home.

The main reason for this is that we do not have the overheads and running costs that some agents have which is why they tend to offer fees in the region of 1.5% + vat.

Let’s be honest, we are human beings and a little extra in your pocket to go towards your moving costs will go a long way. Our level of service is not reduced, just because we charge a competitive fee. In fact, the level of service you will receive here at Aspire, if anything, is higher and our approach is to put you; our client, first at all times.

So, using the latest technology to market your home, offering our experience of the local area along with our competitive selling fee, we are confident that we can get your moving real soon!

Book a Valuation

At Aspire we can offer you a free, no obligation factual and accurate appraisal of the current market value of your home. Our property expert will provide you with a valuation based not only on their in depth knowledge of the local areas, but also utilising our extensive database of recent properties sold.

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